Opportunities to Serve at New Valley Church

The Importance of Serving

Few things are more important to growing as an individual than serving those around you. Being a thriving church community, the opportunities to serve abound and we hope you'll consider taking advantage of those opportunities. While your service benefits us, we're far more excited about how it benefits you personally and aids your investigation and/or pursuit of following after Christ, the greatest servant of all.


The Mission of Our Teams

All of our teams strive to accomplish the church's overall mission and vision of creating an authentic community centered around and growing in the gospel in their own unique way. Some do this by readying the facility for weekly worship, others by creating content for the worship services itself, and still others by meeting the various needs of everyone walking through our doors. 


Opportunities to Serve at New Valley

To get started with serving, please fill out our Serving Interest Form to let us know what your interests and gifts are and a staff member will reach out to you.