Global Outreach

The GO Team focuses on facilitating the making and maturing of disciples of Jesus where his name is not yet known.



Global Outreach

In carrying out the Great Commission our goal is to facilitate the making and maturing of disciples of Jesus where his name is not yet known.

In pursuing this objective our core values include:

  • New Valley will strive and commit to foster a culture which encourages and equips Christ followers to either go, send or to support others within our community
  • Introducing indigenous people to Christ; and Empowering indigenous disciple makers
  • Acknowledging that prayer permeates all of these efforts and includes prayer for the following: our church planting partners, those who have yet to hear the Gospel and prayer for the new believers. 

"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you." Matthew 29:19-20



10 Minutes for the Unreached

We invite you to join the Global Outreach team every Sunday between services for 10 minutes of prayer for the unreached people of the world. We will meet in the Living Room from 10:15-25 and you (and your kids!) are welcome to join us once or every week! Visit this site to learn more about what we mean by "unreached": and here to pray:


Our Global Partners 


Jason & Mandy Schafer with Finn, Gus and Leo | Japan

Schafers web

Hello New Valley, We are the Schafer family serving with Mission to the World in Japan. We are part of a church planting team in city center Tokyo. Please continue to pray for our language and cultural acquisition, for our relationships in our community and for opportunities to share the Good News and serve the church here.

Ashish & Suvarnamala Pushkaran | India

Pushkaran web

India is estimated to be the most populous nation by 2027. By 2025, 48% of its population will be under the age of twenty-five, with 80% growing up in the most remote, vulnerable, and destitute communities without hope, with limited access to education and life skills. With this critical timing in mind, Partners India is responding to those who are in urgent need and desperate for hope.

Since 2005, Partners India has brought the love and compassion of Christ by equipping and empowering indigenous leaders, supporting communities of faith, and serving through education, skillsets, and medical care to usher in a spiritual and socio-economic transformation. We bring the hope of Jesus Christ culturally relevant without compromising its central message. As a result, lives are being transformed!

Andre Meyer | Germany

Meyer web

Leipzigprojekt is a church plant in the city of Leipzig, Germany, where we want to build a church that makes sense to skeptics. We are excited about the gospel and marked by our love for the city, room for conversation, real relationships and a desire to take the next step with Jesus Christ. We (the Meyers) started the church plant in August 2018 together with a bunch of families that moved from Hamburg (northern Germany) to Leipzig with us. 

Leipzig has always been known for education (second oldest university in Germany), trade (the world famous trade fair dating back to 1165AD), music (Johann Sebastian Bach) and Books. 

Today Leipzig is the most growing and influential city in Saxony (State). This is not only the case in the field of economics but also in the areas of art, music and pop culture. With more than 80% atheists, it is one of the most secular cities in the world which makes it exciting to be a gospel community trying to serve the 600.000 people of this quickly expanding and beautiful city.

Indopartners Agency | Indonesia

Indopartners web

Indopartners Agency is an Arizona based organization that focuses on serving the unreached people groups of Indonesia. Indonesia has a population of 267 million people, the majority of which do not know Jesus Christ. Indopartners Agency utilizes the power of the internet along with church planting partnerships, and other strategies, to spread the good news to those that need to hear it.

Geoff & Shannon Husa | Papua New Guinea


We are the Husa family (Geoff and Shannon and kids, Skyler, Maddie, Abby, Ethan). Mibu Ministry is a church planting effort among the remote and previously unreached Mibu tribe of Papua New Guinea. We have lived among the Mibus, speaking their language and understanding their culture for over 15 years. And now we continue to serve the growing church full-time from a more remote location. We minister the gospel to them through literacy development (previously no written language), translating the bible into their language (previously no access to God’s word in their language), biblical teaching, and discipleship and leadership training. We felt led to take the gospel to a place where the gospel was non-existent and where no one else would likely ever go. The Mibu people, located in the remotest jungles of Papua New Guinea with no roads and no airstrips fit that bill. They extended an invite to us to come and bring the gospel to them. Check out our blog to read about the absolutely phenomenal work God is doing in Mibu!




Bob & Barb Thompson | International Students at ASU


Elijah's Cave Ministries is everything Bob and Barb do to serve the Lord but in particular, their work of evangelism and discipleship among the international student community of Tempe's Arizona State University.  Central to this effort is a Saturday morning student club called "The English Corner," where international students come to build their English language skills and find friendship with Americans.  Bob brings his gifts as a teacher (of English, world religions, and, especially, the Bible), and Barb supplies needed help, serving on the home front and at church.  In all of our efforts, we are guided by the Scripture and especially by Jesus' Great Commission, Matthew 28:18-20:  Go and make disciples among all the nations...

Elijah's Cave Ministries

 "Look among the nations, and see; wonder and be astounded. For I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told." Habbakkuk 1:5