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Connect Your Daily Life to God's Mission

What is Kingdom Work?

It's all about connecting your daily life to God's mission: Becoming, making, and maturing resilient disciples of Jesus.

Kingdom Work is the work of disciples that advances the Kingdom of God, both internally and externally. It's what followers of Jesus do. Put bluntly, If you don't do kingdom work, you're not a disciple. The following challenges are things that you already know are good to do, and you probably already want to do them (or at least wish you wanted to do them)... we're just making a game out of it! 

How do I earn points?

Complete Kwuarantine Challenges!

No Prizes? Whats the point of points? 

Just funzies. =P

KW Challenges


5 Point Challenges

  • Create a poll in the GroupMe chat. 

10 Point Challenges 

  • Find a song that represents each part of the BIG story (creation>fall>rescue>re-creation). 3 bonus points for each song that is a "secular" song. 
  • Help a student who is not in the groupme chat, join the groupme chat! 
  • Do the G.R.O.W.T.H. exercise on 1 John 1 and submit a picture.
  • Bible verse lettering or calligraphy. Can be repeated 5x for up to 50 points! 
  • Picture: Create a post for Caleb to post on the NVCyth instagram account. It could be about camp at home, something from the last youth group, global missions, an encouraging bible verse, so many options!
  • Art: Create! Make an abstract painting that represents the BIG story of Scripture (creation>fall>rescue>re-creation)
  • Feel the burn! In your lower abs. Do this workout. Its only 8 minuts but it buuuurns!

15 Point Challenges

  • Testimony: Reflect on your journey of faith! I encourage you to write it out and share it with someone! Some questions you can choose to address or not to address. Up to you!
    • Who first shared the gospel with you? 
    • What was the process of understanding and believing the gospel like for you?
    • How has your life changed since you have put your faith in Christ for salvation?
    • Salvation is a process: Justification (penalty of sin removed) > Sanctification (process of the power of sin being removed) > Glorification (presence of sin completely removed when Jesus returns). Reflect on the different stages and how your expereince has been and share your thoughts. 
    • Have you taken communion? Why or why not?
    • Have you been baptized? Why or why not? 
    • Why is a Christian worldview (creation>fall>rescue>re-creation) more believable to you than atheism (belief god doesn't exist)? Or agnosticism (belief that there might be a god but there's no way we could know)? Or any other major religion? 
  • Video: Create a video advertisements why students should join the groupme chat. 
  • Video: Create a post for Caleb to post on the NVCyth instagram account. It could be about camp at home, the troxells speaking at youth last night, global missions, an encouraging bible verse, so many options!
  • Video: Read Psalm 60. Then choose a verse or two and explain why it sticks out to you! This will go in the daily devo video :) 
  • Video: Create a video explaining this image to the new 6th graders:OverPage-0 6
  • Start thinking about father's day (June 21st)... what could you do or make that would honor your father? 
  • Read the entire story of Joseph in Genesis. Genesis 37,39-50. Bonus 15 points for writing 5 reflection/application questions that could be used in a small group! (I like to listen to someone read while I read. You can do that here
  • Create a video explaining a Bible story.
  • Work with a leader to create, plan, and lead a group game for youth group. 


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